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We design, develop and deploy web platforms for BIM processes

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BIM Integration Strategy, Workflows, Decision Support, Digital Transition, Operational Resource Deployment


Design and realization of information systems for BIM collaboration with tailor-made software developments

R & D

Research and Development Programs in the fields of BIM and Data Management

An accompaniment to reach your BIM objectives

We bring our expertise, our know-how in digital resource management and project management BIM / AEC
BIM Collaboration Technologies

We develop DABOX, a platform for BIM collaboration. This fully web-based software solution is aimed at companies wishing to offer a complete Common Data Environment (BIM Level2) to all partners of construction projects. This private and secure project management web service responds to the collaboration needs inherent in the BIM process, for all the actors of a construction project. It satisfies the needs of various actors to have a shared central space to communicate collaboratively around project data.

Customized Web Application Developments for BIM

The Company carries out specific development projects for organizations and companies utilizing a BIM approach in order to provide them with tools to improve processes in their project management. We analyze their needs and objectives by joining their knowledge and services with our know-how in project management, workflow management, skills in the information technology and web-based visualization of BIM models. We are certified by Autodesk Forge as a Forge Systems integrator to provide companies with reliable support and help them create solutions with Forge. We have been trained by Autodesk experts and help our customers deploy cloud solutions using Forge. We help innovate and build software integrations with existing systems or develop custom Forge solutions.

Research & Development

In parallel with our classic offer, we conduct R&D in order to propose an advanced model of dependency graph based data management. The ultimate goal in the field of BIM is to break down the elements constituting digital mock-ups of Revit (or IFC) files into separate entities (nodes) and leverage the dependency graphs generated. This provides the advantage of being able to evolve each element of the model independently (eg version control not on the file itself but on an object). This allows a BIM Level3 methodology of object-based approach and not file-based.

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In close association with the customer, we participate in the company's projects by helping to redefine or reorient their BIM strategy, by reshaping its structures, by renovating its operating processes, and by motivating its staff. To this end, and to the extent necessary, we use all the possibilities offered by the latest information technologies. DB Lab also provides training and support for these services.

They trust us

"BimBox is our implementation of DaBox on a dedicated server. We chose the "turnkey" proposal from DB Lab and install BimBox on a dedicated server, in a datacenter in the Paris region. Therefore, unlike most so-called "cloud" tools, we control the storage of data, argument of weight compared to particular requirements that could have our customers. As an independent operation, the DaBox software can be transferred to another server. So we have a solution to deliver the database files constituting the digital model of a project to a customer."
Yannick Luzik - BIM Managers Referent - Groupe INGEROP, Scientific and Technical Direction

"We are very satisfied with both the results and the quality of the relationship we have with the db-lab team! They understand our jobs, our issues and are really listening!"
Karine Miquel - Marketing director - Groupe Qualiconsult



Consulting & Technologies for BIM Collaboration

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BIM Product Designer

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BIM Strategy & Integration

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Software Developments

The purpose of the Db-Lab is to assist in the development and management of projects of organizations and companies using a Building Information Modeling (BIM) approach by merging their services with our knowledge in project management and task organization, as well as ours skills in information technology.

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